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5 Best Crystals for Sizzling Sex

5 Best Crystals for Sizzling Sex Satisfying sex is imperative for most folks to even begin to feel as though their needs are being met. But, life can make this difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. Time constraints, relationship issues, and outdated...

5 Healing Crystals for Coronavirus Quarantine and Social Distancing

What are the best healing gemstones for coronavirus? This article explores how crystal allies can help with some of the stress, isolation, and anxiety of COVID 19 quarantine and social distancing.

Crystal Allies vs Crystal Servants: How to Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Gemstones

Learn why developing a relationship with your crystals based on respect, consent, and curiosity will help you become more receptive to their magic.

5 Perfect Stones for Public Speakers

Learn about 5 excellent crystal allies for those who rely on a strong voice such as teachers, activists, and organizers.

River Moonglow


Let’s talk about magic and metaphysics, study collective consciousness, and clarify our perspectives.

She wrote and performed a dedication ceremony for myself and my family. She took the time to listen to our wants and needs and tailored the ceremony to fit us perfectly. She was caring and professional through every step, from writing the ceremony to performing it for us. I would 100% recommend her to anyone. Fabulous experience.

Beth Wylde

Customer service-10+, quality of crystals/stones- high. Overall just a great experience. Deal with this company if you want a quality experience.

She gave me a Reiki cleansing. I felt lighter almost instantly; the anger and knot that almost consumed my stomach was/is gone. I am so grateful!

Karen Mclachlan

I used the narrative sorting service. I was having a really hard time making a decision about my relationship. She helped me to lay out all of the stories that were influencing my thoughts and prioritize what really mattered to me. I am happy with the choice I made to reinvest myself in my relationship and allow myself to be vulnerable with my partner. I don’t think I would have done that if I hadn’t been able to look at both the big picture and all of the little elements.

Valerie Sandidge

She is amazing, authentic, takes her time to hear the cards, and truly puts her heart in to her readings!

Flossie Nadon



One is the conquerer. A masculine force to be reckoned with, one has defeated nothingness by pure force of will and physical presence. He is the victor in a battle for existence. One is the purest representation of the divine masculine in motion.


Four is the “do-bee” of numerals. Its focus is on accomplishing tasks and creating forward motion. Four gets stuff done!


Six is the love and family numeral. It is the embodiment of harmony and balance. Six is an invaluable ally for love warriors and community leaders.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the mineral prototype of unconditional love. This soft pink, translucent form of quartz feels like acceptance, family, and kindness. It’s my favorite mineral to gift.Rose Quartz


Fluorite is an incredible ally in shoring up your mental prowess, providing clarity in your perspective, and unlocking your energetic abilities. Fluorite

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite evokes confidence. It is like a balm for insecurity. I call on this friend to help me be bold, manage stress and anxiety, communicate clearly, and reach my creative potential. It has also been an invaluable aid in improving my intuition and achieving astral projection.Blue Calcite

Elder Futhark Runes


Fehu is the embodiment of good fortune. When you are in alignment with Fehu, you are blessed and you know it. Let the gratitude flow!Fehu


Uruz is the embodiment of wildness and freedom. When you are in alignment with this rune, you cannot be contained and you have embraced your individuality.Uruz


Thurisaz is both the things that go bump in the night and the weapons we use to fight against them. It is primarily a symbol of duality. The things we fight against are present in us too. Fear and anger breed fear and anger.


Building Relationships With Crystal allies

Best practices for working with your crystals in an allyship model.building relationships with crystal allies


Develop a magic lens by practicing mindfulness.Mindfulness

Work with River

Readings and Oracle Services

Connect with your subconscious and/or higher self. Explore various types of readings and interpretation including tarot, runes, and crystals in various combinations. There is an option to fit every budget.

crystals, cards, and rune

Metaphysical Tutoring

Learn to perceive, raise, and utilize energy. Study topics like numerology, divination, or energetic shielding. Giving you the power to start tapping into the synchronicity happening all around you, my goal is to give you the tools to take your alignment with your life’s purpose to the next level. 

Metaphysical Tutoring

Narrative Sorting

Ditch disempowering scripts, own and overcome shadow projections, and choose empowering narratives to revolutionize your life. This work is informed by the fundamentals of neurolinguistic programming. It activates the power of the link between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and is designed to harness the Law of Attraction in your life.


Reiki harnesses the energy that is around us all of the time and channels it for the specific purpose of healing. Reiki uses violet-ray energy to facilitate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This ancient eastern healing technique can have a positive effect on the recipient’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. 

Officiant / Ceremonial Leader

Ceremonies for the different. Custom-crafted weddings, handfastings, and binding ceremonies offered. Ritual preparation informed by the beliefs of the participants designed to honor the individuals and their bond. Celebrations of life, scattering of ashes, and release ceremonies are available as well.