Theory is fun, but putting magic into practice in your life is what really opens up the doors to begin to tune in to the synchronicity all around you and tap into the Universe’s unique message to you. 

This collection of practices is designed to help you find practical ways to learn to listen, look, and sense the powerful metaphysical forces around you and align with your higher purpose. 

Stay tuned as I continue to develop this resource for readers both new and advanced in their spiritual journey. If you are interested in updates when I post new practices, consider subscribing below or joining me on social media.



Improve your ability to perceive and perform magic by practicing mindfulness.

building relationships with crystal allies

Building Relationships With Crystal Allies

Best practices to work with crystals in an allyship model.

water energy

3 Emotionally Centering Water Energy Practices

Exercises to build familiarity and affinity with water energy.

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