3 Emotionally Centering Water Energy Practices

Water is one of the universal elemental energies. Its power has been the subject of myths, the fodder of tall tales, and it captured the imagination of our cave-dwelling ancestors. Water has been studied by most schools of magical thought throughout history. The power of water energy can be harnessed to create magic in your daily life. One great way to begin working with this form of energy is using emotionally centering water energy practices.

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Your Emotions Are Valid and Important

Emotional energy is one of the primary drives that gets things accomplished on this planet. Most action is the direct response to an emotional reaction. Desire, passion, rage, and fear motivate human beings to achieve and hold complex lessons that can create incredible opportunities for transformation.

One of the most toxic scripts of modernity is the equation of emotions with irrationality or weakness. Your emotions are both energetic fuel and your ultimate guidance system. Your emotions exist to give you information. Water energy can assist you in learning to experience the entire range of emotions and derive understanding from that experience.

3 Practical Ways to Use Water to Center Your Emotions

These are techniques I’ve developed myself by working with water energy. I have given these techniques to friends, family, and life coaching clients. The techniques I’ve chosen for this article all work with water energy and have achieved dramatic results.


Floating is a calming technique used to soothe uncomfortable emotions like anxiety or loneliness. It takes about 5 minutes and leaves you feeling centered and peaceful.

Begin by lying flat on your back in a comfortable place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Take 5 deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Continue to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on the sensation of the air traveling down into your diaphragm and back out of your body.

Begin to imagine your favorite body of natural water. Smell the scents you associate with this water (salt for the ocean or earthiness for a river) and hear it’s movement. When you finally clearly visualize, smell, and hear your water, it is time to begin to feel yourself submerged in it. Breathe in and out deeply, smell, hear, see, and feel the water all around you. Trust the water to hold you afloat and allow yourself to relax completely.

Feel your body relax into the water. Your shoulders relax and you feel your tension flow away from you. You breath in deeply noticing the scents you choose for your body of water. Your back and hips relax, you feel peace well up from inside you.

When you are completely calm and relaxed take 3 deep cleansing breaths and allow yourself to begin to perceive the surface you are laying on. Take 3 more cleansing breaths and open your eyes. Now return to your day and enjoy your tranquility.

Shower Release

Shower release is a method for releasing limiting beliefs, outmoded programming, energetic blockages, and counterproductive emotional responses.

First of all, be sure to lock the bathroom door so that you will not be disturbed. Begin by turning on your shower and adjusting the temperature to warm (you’re looking for that perfect balance of warm water with little to no steam.)

Be mindful of the sensations your body perceives as you undress. Notice the flooring beneath your feet and the temperature of the room. Become fully present with your body and this moment.

Step into your shower and allow the warm water to flow on your back. Close your eyes and imagine the water purifying away your energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, and painful emotions. Feel yourself becoming lighter and less weighed down as the water’s flow removes sludge from your skin. Move your body or adjust your shower so that the water falls on your chest and back in the vicinity of your heart. Imagine natural water washing away the sludge and carrying it far far away from you. When you feel cleansed and refreshed you are done. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Programming Water

This technique involves literally programming water. A scientist named Masaru Emoto conducted experiments about the effect of words, thoughts, music, and other stimuli on water and found that water is extremely receptive to programming.

Begin by pouring a glass of spring water. Sit down at a table and place the glass on the table in front of you. Say: “I experience the richness of my emotions. I logically evaluate responses. I am calm and centered.” out loud to the glass of water. Pause. Experience this truth and channel it into the water. Repeat at least 6 times. Then drink the water. The more often this practice is repeated the more effective it becomes.

You can customize your water program by changing your programming sentences.

Tip Of The Iceberg

Water energy can be used to manifest, purify, and transmute. These emotional centering water energy practices are only one very small way water element energy can be used to make your life magickal. More complicated magical practices and energy wielders often rely on elemental forces like water.

These techniques are a good way to begin thinking about elemental energies in your day-to-day life. Take the time to observe natural water. Don’t forget to experience all that water is already doing in your life with mindful appreciation. This will advance your ability to energetically partner with the water element.

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