I have always loved aquamarine. It is the March birthstone. My mother had this birthstone and wore an aquamarine ring. I always thought her ring looked magical. 

Turns out, I was right. Aquamarine is a powerful ally.



  • Soothing
  • Shadow Work
  • Combining blue and green rays
  • Clearing stagnant energies
  • Courage

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Connects the blue and green rays allowing one to harmonize with either
  • Can clear and cleanse the auric field
  • Clear and activate the throat chakra

Emotional Healing

Aquamarine is one of the best mineral allies to enlist to help you heal your emotional body. Your emotional body is made up of your feelings, how you feel about those feelings, and programmed emotional responses. It can be damaged by unhealthy programming, repression, and unhealed emotional abuse.

Work with aquamarine to heal the emotional body:

  • When you are healing from toxic relationships.
  • After you experience any kind of trauma.
  • When doing shadow work.

Aquamarine is excellent support during life’s inevitable difficulties. Its soothing energy can cool fierce emotions like pain, rage, horror, or terror so that the situation can be processed. Survivors of any kind of trauma can turn to aquamarine for help in dealing with the after-effects.

Work with aquamarine to move past the after-effects of trauma:

  • If you have been assaulted or abused.
  • After a life-altering accident.
  • If you have witnessed something disturbing and are unable to get it out of your head.

This crystal can help you to navigate tough conversations and tricky negotiations. Aquamarine lends courage and helps to clarify thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you can avoid conflict by calling on aquamarine to reveal the possibilities of mutually beneficial collaboration.

Work with aquamarine to enhance your communication:

  • When you find yourself having a repetitive argument with a loved one.
  • If you need to advocate for yourself or someone else.
  • If you are concerned that a conversation you need to have could result in conflict.

Physical Healing

Aquamarine’s vibration soothes the physical body. So it makes perfect sense that it can be an incredible support for those suffering from allergy symptoms. It can treat most inflammatory illnesses and infections. Diseases of the skin like eczema or psoriasis or even hives may be alleviated by working with this stone. 

It supports the smooth functioning of the nervous system and may be a great relief to those with shingles or other disorders involving the nerve sheath.

Aquamarine works with the throat chakra and so it is incredible support for illnesses that manifest in the throat. Sore throat and laryngitis are largely physical manifestations of energetic blockages in the throat chakra. Work with this stone in order to clear blockages and increase energy flow through the area.

Magical Uses

Aquamarine is a stone that allows you to work with the water element. This in and of itself can be incredibly useful because these stones aren’t messy and are easy to transport. The water element is strongly connected to emotions and emotional energy. Emotional energy can empower you and/or your energy work. Water is also an incredible ally when seeking adaptability or lessons in flow.

Work with aquamarine to use water energy:

  • To amplify the emotional energy you can feed to your energy work.
  • To seek and harmonize with your flow state.
  • When adaptability is important to your energy work.

You can also use aquamarine to connect with the unconscious and engage in shadow work. Shadow work is important for every magickal practitioner. Unexamined aspects of our own shadow self are often the reason for spell work snafus and other magical shenanigans.

Work with aquamarine to engage in shadow work:

  • Before setting a new intention.
  • If your manifestations seem to operate against your best interests.
  • If you can’t seem to meditate.

Use aquamarine to connect with the Divine Feminine. This energy can be used to power spells or thoughtforms. Partnering with Goddess energy can enhance or unlock intuition or latent psychic abilities. Divine Feminine energy can also be used to purify your body or your space.

Work with aquamarine to connect with the Divine Feminine:

  • When using moon magic.
  • If your intention is well suited to that form of empowerment.
  • To purify yourself before a ritual.

3D Considerations

Aquamarine is a type of beryl like Morganite, Emerald or Heliodor. Iron impurities produce the beautiful blue-green pigmentation. It has a hexagonal crystal system and Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8.

Aquamarine claims its name from the Latin phrase “aqua de mari” or water of the sea. Some of the most exciting specimens do evoke notions of the ocean. It has long-standing ties to the sea with much of its lore pertaining to nautical topics. It’s been referred to as mermaid treasure and was used as a talisman by sailors for protection and to ward off illnesses. History traces the usage of aquamarine all the way back to around 500 B.C.!


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