Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite evokes confidence. It is like a balm for insecurity. I call on this friend to help me be bold, manage stress and anxiety, communicate clearly, and reach my creative potential. It has also been an invaluable aid in improving my intuition and achieving astral projection.



  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Empowerment
  • Imagination

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Astral projection
  • Block negative thoughts or thoughtforms
  • Unlock psychic talents

    Emotional Healing

    Blue calcite is my go-to mineral to spark creativity. It helps me to embrace my creative process by soothing my emotions surrounding both the need to be perfect and feeling like I am wasting time and money if I am not earning something from my creations. I find blue calcite particularly useful when taking on a new creative medium, crushing writer’s block, and having difficult conversations. 

    Blue calcite is an invaluable ally for writers, artists, and public speakers, especially those struggling with insecurity.

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Ease your need for perfection in your creative endeavors.
    • Bolster your self-confidence.
    • Create to learn about yourself or as a therapeutic process.

    Practicing good communication skills can be flat out terrifying. Transparency requires vulnerability and most of us shrink from opening ourselves up for critique or ridicule. Blue calcite soothes the fear of being honest, even when communicating difficult truths.

    Even when we are brave, it can be really difficult to find the right words to communicate. And, even if you have the right words, tone and inflection can cause misunderstandings to occur. Blue calcite can help you to present your information in a way that your listener can actually understand.

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Overcome your fear and actually practice transparency.
    • Find the right words. 
    • Present information in a way that is easily understood.

    Blue calcite is very soothing. It can help to overcome anxiety, depression, or a sense of powerlessness. It feels like a strong and protective friend rooting for your success. I find blue calcite particularly helpful in overcoming the fear of being judged.

    Being true to yourself can be very difficult. Blue calcite can help you to feel safe in following the weird little wishes of your heart even when others don’t understand. This is how you find both your happiness and the right people with which to share that happiness. 

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Keep moving forward despite anxiety, depression, or feeling powerless.
    • Mitigate social anxiety.
    • Feel safe to be yourself.

    Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Every single thing human beings have ever purposefully created existed in someone’s imagination long before it became real. In order to create anything, you must first imagine it.

    It can be difficult to access your imagination sometimes. It is also entirely possible to misuse your imagination and wallow in worry and fear of what might be. Blue calcite is an excellent ally during times when you need help connecting with your own imagination in a healthy way. 

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Connect with your muse.
    • Think of outside the box solutions.
    • Redirect your imagination away from fear and worry

    Physical Healing

    Crystal healers contend this form of calcite is great support for issues with the eyes and headaches. It is also said that blue calcite supports healthy lung function, particularly the full expansion and contraction of the lungs.

    Magical Uses

    Astral projection is an incredible experience that entirely changes how you perceive your reality. It usually requires something extraordinary to achieve. For some that looks like a near-death experience, for others, it requires many many hours of dedicated practice and effort.

    Meditation and developing the ability to perceive energy are required baby steps in the pursuit of purposefully achieving astral projection. For many, mastering the art of lucid dreaming is the key to pulling their consciousness from the body.

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Support your efforts to achieve lucid dreaming.
    • Learn to perceive energy.
    • Get over that last get out of body hurdle.

    Negative thoughts and thoughtforms can kill your magic faster than you can create it. Self-doubt can become a literal clinging entity, hanging out in your aura destroying your creations and happiness before they can even be fully imagined. And, that is just one type of negative thoughtform! There are many others.

    Blue calcite is an incredible ally to help keep those self-defeating prophecies from robbing you of personal power and forward momentum. This crystal is my go-to support when I am spiraling into self-loathing or caving into old outgrown narratives that disempower me. 

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Block negative entities.
    • Reframe negative self-talk.
    • Protect yourself while doing shadow work.

    We all have latent energetic gifts and talents. Unfortunately, we spend most of our childhoods being convinced that these are crazy ideas or just our imagination. Buying into that narrative can lock our gifts away from us.

    Blue calcite helps you to let go of all of the reasons not to believe in your own abilities. It bolsters the courage to be different and helps you to acknowledge everything you have buried under conformity and normalcy. Try working with this crystal to rediscover the magic that has always been yours.

    Work with blue calcite to:

    • Support experimentation with telepathy.
    • Commit to energetic self-discovery.
    • Unlock latent gifts.

    3D Considerations

    Blue calcite is a form of calcite which is a calcium carbonate mineral. The crystal structure is rhombohedral but it can also be found in massive form. Most specimens available today come from Mexico or South Africa.


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