Blue Chalcedony

blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony is like a healing spring in a stone. It cools and soothes painful or jarring emotions and helps you to center yourself in the now. If communication of your personal truth is important to you, consider adding blue chalcedony to your life.


  • Communication of personal truth
  • Calming
  • Self-confidence
  • Balance
  • Center in the present

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Clears and activates the throat chakra
  • Connects to the blue-ray
  • Healing the auric field
  • Communication with the spirit realms
  • Telepathy

Emotional Healing

Gentle blue chalcedony is like a balm for the emotional body. Working with this form of quartz can engender the sensations of peace and worthiness, easing stress and tension by amplifying their opposites. This is a great ally to call on when you are struggling to stay centered in yourself and the present.

Work with blue chalcedony to soothe the emotional body:

  • To gently care for your broken heart when healing from a difficult breakup. 
  • When processing grief after losing someone very special in your life.
  • If worry and anxiety about the future are robbing you of the ability to enjoy the present.

Blue chalcedony can also zap worry by removing your projections. Its ability to anchor you in the now can help you to let go of fears about the future. Try wearing or carrying a piece of beautiful blue chalcedony like one of these to support your ability to step into your power. This moment is the only place your power exists.

Work with blue chalcedony to overcome projections:

  • If the fear of repeating past failures is stealing your power.
  • During times you are paralyzed by thoughts of what others may say or think. 
  • When you can’t stop cycling and worrying about what could go wrong.

Blue chalcedony also helps you to understand how your words may affect others. Being able to weigh what you say by considering how it might impact different individuals is a game-changer. Using blue chalcedony as an emotional support in this way can help you to revolutionize your life.

Work with blue chalcedony to clarify your message:

  • If you have a public speaking engagement coming up soon.
  • When you are negotiating a tricky subject in any of your relationships.
  • Because your work is convincing people of a particular path.

Physical Healing

Crystal healers claim that blue chalcedony can soothe a sore throat or even fight infection in the throat. It is said that blue chalcedony is good support for all parts of the body related to the voice. Optimum throat, mouth, and tongue health may be supported by placing blue chalcedony in the area.

Magical Uses

Blue chalcedony is an incredible ally to turn to when you find that your throat chakra is blocked. The throat chakra is where your power to communicate your personal truth is centered. It is blocked by glossing over your truth to please others, outright lying, and using your voice to disempower yourself. This can manifest by putting yourself down, downplaying your needs or wants, or reinforcing your powerlessness through your words. Unblocking and activating your throat chakra allows you to speak with confidence, advocate effectively for yourself and others, and inspire yourself and others to action with your words.

Work with blue chalcedony to open your throat chakra:

  • If you are emotional and feel like your throat is tight and you are struggling to speak.
  • To be a more effective advocate for yourself or others.
  • Whenever you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk.

Turn to blue chalcedony when you need to harness the blue-ray. The blue-ray is cooling and soothing. We associate blue-ray energy with water, comfort, calm, and peace. Energy manipulators most commonly push blue-ray energy when trying to calm or soothe a situation.

Work with blue chalcedony to harness the blue-ray:

  • If you have magical snafus and need to calm the energy around you.
  • In order to use energy work to support communication.
  • To create balance in the midst of chaos or strong negative emotions.

Blue chalcedony can help you to heal your aura. The auric field can be damaged by a psychic attack, a negative self-perception, trauma, or even bearing witness to another’s trauma. When your auric field is damaged it is much more difficult to wield your personal power or shield yourself from the manipulations of others.

Work with blue chalcedony to heal your auric field:

  • If you find yourself feeling depressed or depleted.
  • After any kind of altercation or argument.
  • If you find yourself cycling negative scripts about yourself.

Blue chalcedony can help you communicate with other realms. Many different belief systems address this type of connection. Some seek their spirit guides while others want to connect to angels or ascended masters. No matter your personal goals, blue chalcedony can support your ability to have meaningful interactions with other realms.

Work with blue chalcedony to communicate with the unseen:

  • In order to meet your spirit guides, guardian angel, or ascended masters.
  • When you attempt to communicate with a lost loved one.
  • To increase the synchronicity in your life and understand its messages more clearly.

Blue chalcedony is said to support the development of communication-related psychic gifts like telepathy. Try working with this stone to develop these talents.

3D Considerations

Chalcedony is a type of quartz called cryptocrystalline or microcrystalline. That means that the crystalline structures of these specimens are microscopic or even submicroscopic. Therefore it carries the properties of quartz. Chalcedony is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

Chalcedony was named after a town near Istanbul, Turkey that was once called Chalcedon. The name of that locality has since changed.


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