Charoite is an excellent ally to help you raise your vibration by accepting the truth of where you find yourself in the present moment. This complex mineral can help you to let go of pain and align yourself with your purpose. Try working with one of these charoite specimens to create a more spiritually satisfying, purpose-driven life.


  • Dispels negativity
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Supports setting and respecting boundaries
  • Aids in discovering your purpose

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Connect with the purple-ray
  • Purge energetic blockages
  • Raise your vibration
  • Shadow work support
  • Manifest your highest calling

Emotional Healing

Charoite is an excellent ally for those struggling with negative emotions. This high vibration mineral allows you to rise above your own darker nature, the judgments and jealousy of others, and contextually depressing issues. Turn to charoite when you are grappling with dark thoughts.

Work with charoite to dispel negativity:

  • If you are experiencing anger, depression, jealousy, or other painful emotions.
  • If the opinions of others are dragging you down into a depressive state.
  • Whenever your circumstances seem hopeless or you feel trapped in powerlessness.

Charoite can be a game-changer when you are trying to heal yourself from any kind of trauma. It reveals the negative self-talk that perpetuates damage to your self-esteem. Charoite can inspire you to speak to yourself in ways that empower you. It can facilitate the great healing that occurs when we give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves.

Work with charoite to heal:

  • When you find yourself cycling old painful scripts about your unworthiness or ineptitude.
  • If you realize you are sabotaging yourself. 
  • Any time you have flashbacks or nightmares about past trauma.

Charoite eases the inherent challenges of learning to set and respect boundaries. This is a great stone to help you see what you need in your life in order to feel respected, loved, and supported. It can also help you to understand the needs of others and respect their boundaries without making it about disempowering you.

Work with charoite to support personal growth around boundaries:

  • Ease the way for children doing the difficult work of separating their own identity from the identities of their parents.
  • When trying to improve nearly any relationship, boundary issues are at the heart of so many issues that they nearly always worth examining.
  • When beginning a new relationship and laying the foundations for that relationship.

Physical Healing

Crystal healers claim that charoite improves the general strength and vitality of the physical body. It is said to improve stamina and bolster the immune system.

Magical Uses

Charoite can help you to release blockages in your energetic system. Pushing energy is a core component of all magic. The flow of your energy can be strangled by fear, shame, guilt, grief, feeling silenced, dismissal of imagination, and becoming attached to any particular narrative so much that it diminishes your capacity to adapt. 

Work with charoite to cleanse energetic blockages:

  • When you are ready to allow yourself to awaken spiritually, especially if you have had painful religious experiences.
  • In order to move beyond mourning and embrace life again after the loss of a loved one or relationship.
  • If you have been paralyzed by fear, shame, or guilt.

Charoite can help you to raise the frequency of your vibration. On a molecular level, everything is vibrating. Higher frequencies move faster and push more energy. The higher your frequency, the more effective your energy work will be.

Work with charoite to raise your frequency:

  • When you feel bad physically. At high frequency, the body repairs itself faster.
  • When you feel dense or sluggish.
  • If you feel powerless, worthless, frightened, ashamed, guilty, sadness, or depression.

Charoite is excellent support when engaging in shadow work. Coming to terms with your ego is important work for anyone interested in affecting physical reality through nonphysical means. Shadow work is seeking to uncover and own the ways your ego seeks to protect itself by projecting insecurities and failings onto others. Bringing your conscious awareness to these unconscious reactions and prewritten scripts will radically amplify your power. 

Work with charoite to aid you in shadow work:

  • If you find yourself having the same conflict with multiple people.
  • Anytime you are feeling insecure.
  • When you find yourself unwilling to entertain the perspective of someone important to you.

Charoite can help you to reveal your life’s purpose. You have a unique reason for being here. It is yours alone and no one but you can accomplish your life’s mission. There are many ways to seek this information: prayer, meditation, following your gut, spirit guides, soul journeys, and too many more to list. Meditation with charoite is an excellent option.

Work with charoite to uncover your mission:

  • When you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure which path is the right one.
  • If your life falls apart and you have no idea what it would look like on the other side of transformation. 
  • If you feel lost and directionless.

3D Considerations

Charoite forms from limestone. Specifically, it forms from limestone near the Charo River in Siberia. That’s the only place in the world it is found. It was first called lilac stone in the 1940s but was introduced in the west as charoite in 1978.

Charoite is only found in a massive form. The gemstones available are actually rocks. They include the complex silicate mineral charoite and inclusions of other rare minerals. Charoite has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 6.


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