Chiastolite is a perfect stone for difficult times (like 2020).  It feels like the embodiment of friendship and acceptance from Mother Earth. It offers a deep and abiding connection to the earth as well as solace and protection.


  • Comfort and easing of loneliness
  • Feeling welcome and safe in your environment
  • Grounding

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Foster deep connection with the earth
  • Protection from psychic or energetic attack
  • Energetic cleansing
  • Access storm energy

Emotional Healing

One of the most uncomfortable human emotions is feeling isolated or alone. It is disempowering and can exacerbate existing mental health issues like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Chiastolite can help you to turn that corner, back towards connection and fellowship. Meditation with chiastolite can help you to feel connected and worthy. It can also help you feel ready to seek connection again after a depression, loss of relationship, or life altering event. 

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Banish feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Feel empowered to seek new relationships.
  • Ease feelings of unworthiness and/or fear.

How we feel we are being received greatly impacts how we navigate our environment. Our modern world is fraught with reasons to feel fearful about the judgments of others. Working with chiastolite can help you to feel accepted and brave enough to be authentically yourself. This is an excellent ally for those looking to connect with people who appreciate them as they actually are.

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Step into a more authentic way of relating to the world.
  • Overcome a tendency to be a people pleaser. 
  • Leave behind a friends group that doesn’t appreciate you.

Grounding is a mindfulness practice that brings your attention completely to your physical body in the present moment. Chiastolite can help you to turn your attention to the way you connect with the earth in the present moment. This can be an invaluable tool in managing stress, practicing mindfulness, and fostering peace and calm amidst the chaos of modern life.

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Unlock your ability to connect with nature, even in urban environments.
  • Manage ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety disorder symptoms by improving mindfulness practices.
  • Create a deep and abiding connection with the earth.

Physical Healing

Crystal healers claim that chiastolite increases overall vitality. It is given to people who have been seriously ill to support their return to health and strength. Some healers also claim that it regulates the nervous system and balances electromagnetic energy.

Magical Uses

Chiastolite can help you deepen or create a meaningful connection with the earth. Most energy workers find the earth is a consummate metaphysical mentor and an invaluable source of power and protection. Elemental energy work is part of the magical toolbox of most accomplished practitioners.

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Deepen or develop a personal relationship with the earth.
  • Call on earth energy in spells, rituals, or any other aspect of your metaphysical practice.
  • Represent the earth when calling the four corners.

Once you begin working with energy, it is important to create a plan for protection. Energetic attacks can be as simple as someone repetitively thinking negative thoughts about you or as complex as an experienced practitioner can imagine. Chiastolite can help insulate you from most forms of negative energy.

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Keep the energy of others’ negative thoughts and intentions from impacting you.
  • Protect yourself from hexes and harmful thoughtforms.
  • Protect yourself from your own negative thoughts, emotions, and shadow projections.

Chiastolite can also help you to clear negativity out of your energetic field. This can manifest as a reduction in negative thoughts and/or feelings, letting go of outmoded and disempowering narratives about yourself or others, or finding yourself focused on blessings and opportunities even inside of your own difficulties. 

Negative energy can also collect in your home or other space and wreak havoc on your mood and productivity in that space. Regularly addressing this type of negativity is part of a healthy metaphysical practice.

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Banish disempowering thoughts and feelings.
  • Learn to evaluate and update your personal narrative to serve your goals and happiness.
  • Maintain a space conducive to energy work.

Storm energy is an incredible ally when powerful change is needed in your life. Storms have tons of raw energy and they can radically change the landscapes they impact. Try calling on storm energy to help in release rituals or to metaphorically “clean up” something. Harmonizing your energy with chiastolite can help you to access storm energy.

Work with chiastolite to:

  • Purge a negative feeling, person, or circumstance from your life.
  • Clarify your perspective when you are unable to get all of the information needed to make a conscientious decision.
  • Invite new possibilities into your reality.

3D Considerations

Chiastolite is a rare form of andalusite. This particular form of the aluminum silicate mineral has graphite inclusions that look like a black cross when sliced. These opaque beauties have an orthorhombic crystal system.

Although andalusite was named in 1798 for the region of Spain called Andalusia, chiastolite had already been an important commodity and talisman for centuries. It is mentioned in the book De Gemmis et Lapidibus which was originally published in Dutch in 1625.


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