Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the quintessential metaphysical powerhouse of the mineral world. These stunning crystals can be programmed for nearly any purpose.


  • Amplification
  • Versatility
  • Preservation of moments or emotions

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Clear and activate all energy centers in the body
  • Manifestation aid
  • Memory keeper
  • Heightened energy perception

Emotional Healing

Have you ever noticed that feeling good can be contagious? Or that feeling out-of-sorts emotionally can be passed around? Clear quartz exaggerates this phenomenon by amplifying whatever you are feeling. If you feel hopeful and work with quartz you may find yourself excited and motivated or grateful for this opportunity. If you feel angry and work with quartz, it is a good bet you will work yourself into a full-on rage state. Clear quartz turns up the volume of your emotions.

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Clarify what you are feeling when your emotions are too chaotic to identify.
  • Break down outmoded coping tools like depersonalization or dissociation.
  • Identify repressed emotions.

Unpacking painful memories or trauma can take years. Working with clear quartz can help you to feel powerful enough to take on difficult emotional labor. 

In doing my own trauma work, I have sometimes found it helpful to imagine myself containing the painful memory in a quartz crystal. It helps me to create distance from those memories in my day to day life by containing them in a physical form that I can physically move away from. 

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Contain painful memories and create emotional distance from them.
  • Feel strong enough to tackle your trauma. 
  • Keep going in your healing work when it is exhausting.

It is necessary to clarify your perspective before making major life decisions. Quartz can be invaluable support for this work. It can help you to envision within itself different versions of the truth. This allows you to come to more well-considered conclusions and helps you to choose the most beneficial path forward.

This can also be great for artists, performers, speakers, writers, and other creators by allowing them to explore different directions for their work. 

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Evaluate major life decisions.
  • Clarify your perspective on relationship issues.
  • Become unstuck in creative work.

Physical Healing

Crystal healers say that clear quartz can be beneficial to those who suffer from fibrous bands that connect internal tissues that should never have been connected. These bands are known as adhesions. Clear quartz is also supposed to be stimulating to the nervous system. Finally, clear quartz is said to improve vitality and energy levels.

Magical Uses

Learning to raise, harness, and align your own energy is tricky. There are energy centers in your body that can become clogged and disempower you. Clear quartz is excellent at cleaning out those energy centers and restoring their ability to feed you. This can improve your physical body and heal the crippling effects of fear, shame, guilt, grief, inauthenticity, narrow-mindedness, or attachment.

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Shake off sluggishness or disempowerment.
  • Clear and stimulate your chakras.
  • Support your shadow work.

The ability to transform reality through intention and energy is the ultimate goal of many energy manipulators. Clear quartz is said to assist in manifestation efforts. From helping you to clarify your intentions to helping to feed massive amounts of energy to your growing thoughtforms, clear quartz takes the bricks out of manifestation work.

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Clarify your intentions and write your manifestation spell.
  • Feed ongoing spells.
  • Replenish your own energy after casting a manifestation spell.

Great amounts of energy are required to create magic. Clear quartz is the ultimate energy amplification ally. It can help you to raise your own energy, boost elemental energy, or beef up the amount of any light ray present. If you feel like your spells are just too weak to work, try adding a clear crystal grid to your casting and watch your results intensify.

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Raise your vibration or energy level.
  • Amplify elemental energy.
  • Increase access to specific rays of light energy.

Loss is part of the human experience. Losing relationships, loved ones, or cherished objects make up some of the most painful parts of most of our lives. Clear quartz can help you to capture a moment in time or the essence of a person, place, or thing and hold on to it. Then you can “visit” by working with the clear quartz.

Work with clear quartz to:

  • Ease the grief of losing a loved one to a terminal illness.
  • Visit a perfect moment again and again.
  • Both give something away and keep it at the same time.

3D Considerations

Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral. It has a hexagonal crystal system. It has a hardness of 7. It can appear in many forms with each form being said to have different properties. 

Clear quartz is also known as rock crystal and as colorless quartz. The word quartz is derived from the ancient Greek word κρύος which means ice or cold. Folklore suggests that the ancient Greeks thought that quartz was water frozen so much that it could never thaw.


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