Dumortierite is an amazing stone for anyone needing to improve their mental processes. It is an excellent ally for students, parents, children, or those ready to take their magic to the next level. Try working with one of these specimens to investigate dumortierite for yourself.



  • Mental strength and discipline
  • Improved capacity for learning
  • Eases the discomfort of monotony
  • Enhances patience and calmness

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Clears and activates the third-eye chakra
  • Unlock psychic talents
  • Work with wind energy
  • Access divine inspiration

Emotional Healing

Dumortierite is one key that you can use to access control over your own thoughts. Anyone who has ever suffered from racing thoughts knows the emotional turmoil created by them. The inability to consciously redirect the flow of your thoughts can feel like being trapped in a mental prison. This mineral can support your ability to cease that flow of upsetting and disempowering chatter.

Work with dumortierite to gain control over your thoughts:

  • If you are struggling with racing thoughts.
  • When you are grieving the loss of a loved one or relationship.
  • If paranoia or negative self-talk is making it difficult for you to function.

Dumortierite has incredibly peaceful energy. It can help to soothe frayed nerves, obsessive thoughts, or pre-programmed panic responses. Dumortierite is known for increasing the amount of patience we have for others and ourselves. Patience and calm create the space you need to evaluate multiple perspectives and choose how to respond to the events in your life as opposed to living in unexamined reactionary chaos.

Work with dumortierite to enhance calm and patience:

  • To ease the difficulties associated with raising children.
  • During problematic periods in your relationships. 
  • When your work frustration is destroying the quality of your life.

Dumortierite eases the discomfort of repetition and monotony. Humans thrive on rich and varied experiences. Without developing a rich inner life, being trapped in an unstimulating environment can literally limit the formation of grey matter in the brain and/or lead to depression. Dumortierite can help with both the development of imagination and the ability to sit in boredom without suffering emotionally.

Work with dumortierite to combat the effects of monotony:

  • If you work in a boring, repetitious job.
  • When you are convalescing after an accident or medical treatment or you are feeling the strain of being stuck inside due to extended bad weather.
  • If you’re confined for any reason.

Mental Process Support

Working with dumortierite may actually improve your capacity to learn. Neuroscientists have discovered that your brain works a lot like a muscle. The more it is utilized the healthier and more efficient it is. Using the imagination is one of the best brain-boosting activities you can undertake. Dumortierite is known for unlocking the imagination.

Work with dumortierite to improve your learning capacity:

  • If you are embarking on a new class or find yourself struggling with your studies.
  • If you want to learn a new craft or hobby.
  • When you need to improve your concentration and memory retention.

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is a methodology for creating actual physical changes in your brain to support you in consciously creating yourself. Dumortierite is amazing NLP support. When you decide to take responsibility for the narratives you allow to function in your reality, this mineral can ease the transition and improve your efficacy. 

Work with dumortierite to support your NLP efforts:

  • When you first discover NLP and set about to adopt it in your own life.
  • If you’re struggling to make your new programs form lasting habits and strong neural pathways.
  • To aid in the maintenance of your programs.

Magical Uses

Dumortierite clears and activates the third-eye chakra. The third-eye is where our personal reality is largely determined. This chakra empowers imagination, intuition, visualization, self-realization, self-actualization, psychic talent, and astral projection. 

The third-eye has been linked to the pineal gland which is a tiny pine cone shaped organ that produces melatonin in your brain. The third-eye chakra is blocked by our shadow projections, unexamined beliefs, fluoride, mental rigidity, and adopting a victim mentality. Consciously manipulating the physical reality with unseen forces (or magic) is impossible without a healthy third-eye.

Work with dumortierite to clear and balance the third-eye chakra:

  • In order to create the crystal clear image of an intention required to begin building a thoughtform.
  • To unlock or uplevel your self-realization and/or self-actualization.
  • If you want to try astral projection.

Dumortierite can help you to unlock your latent psychic talents. It is theorized that we all have the ability to view remotely, communicate telepathically, and connect to the collective consciousness and that these gifts lie dormant in our DNA waiting to be unlocked.

Work with dumortierite to unlock and enhance your psychic talents:

  • When you begin to notice synchronicity and you are ready to get serious about connecting to messages from the universe.
  • If you experience precognition and want to experience it again or develop control over it.
  • Because you feel called to telepathy and want to experiment.

Calling on elemental forces can empower your energy work and lend you different types of special help depending on the element. Dumortierite can help you to harness the power of wind energy. Wind energy is associated with optimal mental processing, inspiration, purification, and the breath of life. It blows away stagnant energy and moves things along. Harmonizing with wind energy can help you to shrug off concentration issues and improve your ability to think logically. 

Work with dumortierite to harness wind energy:

  • If you want to purify your space or yourself using the air element.
  • When you have a special affinity for the wind.
  • During times when you feel stuck in your journey and need to be moved along.

Dumortierite can assist you in finding divine inspiration. Many of the greatest artists, writers, sculptors, artisans, and craftsmen credit something outside themselves (God, a muse, Allah, the faeries, or some other unseen divine force) with inspiring and guiding their work.

Work with dumortierite to find divine inspiration:

  • If you have writer’s block.
  • When you want to take your art to the next level.
  • Because you feel called to be a spiritual teacher.

3D Considerations

Eugène Dumortier discovered the “blue denim stone” in 1881 in his home country, France. Its primary industrial use is creating very high-grade porcelain. It has been found and mined in Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Madagascar, Namibia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the United States in Nevada.
Dumortierite has a Mohs hardness of 7 which is considered to be fairly hard. It is an aluminum borate silicate that usually occurs as dark blue but can be brown, green and some rare specimens are even violet or pink.


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