Fluorite is an incredible ally in shoring up your mental prowess, providing clarity in your perspective, and unlocking your energetic abilities. 



  • Evaluation of multiple perspectives
  • Heightened analytical ability
  • Helps to redirect the imagination from worry
  • Clear-headedness in the face of adversity

    Metaphysical Qualities

    • Purges blockages in the entire chakra system
    • Clearing of disharmonious or stagnant energy
    • Unlock psychic talents
    • Work with wind energy
    • Improved intuition and ability to notice and interpret synchronicity

      Emotional Healing

      The ability to evaluate from multiple perspectives is a superpower. It improves every decision you make. Any situation that you navigate by considering multiple vantage points will have a much higher likelihood of a positive outcome. Fluorite helps you to release rigidity and see the bigger picture. Call on fluorite to help you see the broad view and move through your reality from a higher perspective.

      Work with fluorite to access and/or increase your objectivity to:

      • Help soothe tension, especially patterned tension in a valued relationship.
      • Improve your ability to negotiate effectively.
      • Find the value in another’s perspective.

      Fluorite increases your analytical capacity. It improves your ability to evaluate situations and information, see how the big picture fits together, and assess options for an appropriate response. It helps you to make sense of your world and respond logically to your life. It is especially helpful in finding creative solutions, crunching numbers, and understanding the relationship dynamics surrounding a particular issue.

      Work with fluorite to improve the quality of your analysis when you are:

      • Learning a new skill, taking a class, or preparing for a test.
      • Struggling to see your partner’s perspective. 
      • Struggling to come up with a creative solution to a challenging obstacle.

      Worry solves absolutely nothing. In fact, from a Law of Attraction perspective, it makes the thing you dread more likely to occur because you are feeding energy to that reality. Your imagination is incredibly powerful. Every human-made thing that exists in our world-first appeared in someone’s imagination. Fluorite can help you redirect your imagination away from worry. Use the law of attraction to your advantage and imagine solutions instead of worst-case scenarios.

      Work with fluorite to redirect your imagination from worry to:

      • Stop cycling negative scripts about yourself or your loved ones.
      • Arrest repetitive visualizations of terrible scenarios.
      • Gain focus on the future you would prefer to see.

      When difficulties arise in your life, it is very easy to become emotional and reactionary. This can often result in making your problems worse instead of improving your situation. Fluorite can help you to maintain your clear-headedness in the face of adversity. Choosing an evaluated response rather than being led by out of control emotions allows you to navigate life’s difficulties rather than blunder through them.

      Work with fluorite to maintain your clear-headedness in the face of adversity and:

      • Access evaluation when your body goes into fight, flight, or freeze reactions.
      • Recognize the narratives that drive others even when you are at cross purposes with them.
      • Aid in establishing or maintaining your own healthy boundaries.

      Physical Healing

      Crystal healers claim that fluorite can help with vertigo, dizziness, and issues with brain chemistry. Try a brain-centered body layout with fluorite if you want to experiment with crystal healing and the brain.

      Magical Uses

      Your energetic system is made up of different energy centers in the body called chakras. Many minerals can be beneficial to clearing out blockages in one or two of these energy centers. Fluorite is a particularly excellent stone for clearing gunk out of your energy centers because it works on all of them. Removing these blockages improves your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

      Purging your energetic system increases your personal power, unlocks intuition, and raises the potential to develop your gifts and talents. It can help you to feel physically safe, unblock creativity, open your heart to celebrate the blessings you already possess, and open your desires to manifest in your physical reality.

      Work with fluorite to purge blockages from your entire energetic system when you are:

      • Stuck in fear, shame, guilt, grief, lies, assumptions, or attachment.
      • Experiencing a block in your creativity.
      • Drowning in feelings of disempowerment.

      Disharmonious energies can become attached to your auric field. This can manifest as clinging thought forms that lead to operation from shadow projections, unexamined emotional reactions, “bad luck,” or disempowering narratives. Fluorite can help to move these out of the auric field and dispel them from your reality.

      Work with fluorite to clear your auric field when:

      • Things just seem to keep going wrong no matter how hard you try.
      • You are going through a nasty breakup.
      • Your self-talk is negative and your efforts to improve it are going nowhere.

      Fluorite can give you access to wind energy even when the skies are utterly still. This in and of itself can be incredibly useful because wind energy stimulates mental clarity as well as purging outmoded energies. The air element is strongly connected to the mind, mental acuity, and the ability to analyze. The wind is an invaluable ally when you need to let go of thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you.

      Work with fluorite to access wind energy during times when you need to:

      • Include the air element in your sacred space, a ritual or ceremony.
      • Rationally process something emotionally trying.
      • Experiment with calling the winds.

      3D Considerations

      Fluorite comes in many colors including multicolored, purple, green, pink, black, yellow and red. It has an octahedral or cubic crystal system and a Mohs hardness of 4. The property of fluorescence is named for fluoride.

      According to Scott Cunningham, famous Wiccan author, fluorite is a “New Age” specimen with no long history of magical use. 


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