Green Aventurine

green aventurine

Green aventurine feels like the physical embodiment of renewal and rebirth. It helps you to let go of things that have become outmoded for you. This form of quartz helps you to understand the best course of action in any given situation.


  • Good luck
  • Prosperity
  • Becoming present
  • Hope and optimism
  • Increased energy

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Clears and activates the heart chakra
  • Release attachments and resentment
  • Combines water and earth energy
  • Release and renewal ally

Emotional Healing

Working with green aventurine can make you feel lucky. Many belief systems construct good fortune as an entity or frequency. Green aventurine can help you to align with this frequency and enjoy the benefits of being blessed. Working with this form of quartz can help you to see the good fortune in even trying times. Tune into gratitude by working with green aventurine and watch the good fortune in your life grow.

Work with green aventurine to:

  • Find the silver linings in your difficulties.
  • Invite good fortune to manifest in your life.
  • Shift the odds in your favor.

Abundance and prosperity are your birthrights. Every being on this planet deserves food, water, shelter, love, joy, having their particular needs met, and the ability to pursue their heart’s urgings. Green aventurine helps you to open your eyes to all that you have which in turn facilitates opening your heart to the fullness of your potential. Meditate with green aventurine, carry, or wear it to align yourself with this life-altering frequency.

Work with green aventurine to:

  • Overcome a scarcity mindset.
  • Unlock your ability to see the blessings already present in your life. 
  • Invite greater prosperity into your life.

Green aventurine can help you to become present in the moment and in your body. The hustle and bustle of paying bills, maintaining appearances, and meeting social obligations can make it really hard to practice mindfulness. Green aventurine can help you to cut through all of that noise and really bring attention and reverence to life’s little miracles, happening all around you all the time. Emotional maturity and reflexivity require the ability to practice mindfulness. 

Work with green aventurine to :

  • Become more fully present in your body.
  • Attune yourself to NOW.
  • Enhance your ability to respond rather than react no matter what life throws at you.

Hope is so powerful. It is the key that unlocks the pits of despair and the carrot that compels motivated action. One of green aventurine’s most powerful capacities for emotional healing is its ability to bring hope into your life.

Work with green aventurine to :

  • Reconnect yourself to a hopeful lens when you feel down on yourself.
  • Keep your hope alive if you are in a disempowering relationship, work environment, or living situation.
  • Support your ability to start a new life, new career, go back to school, or find love again.

Physical Healing

Crystal healers claim that green aventurine can help to heal the heart and circulatory system. It is said to support cell regeneration and can improve health from the cellular level. It has been used in cases of failure to thrive, a terrifying anomaly that sometimes strikes children. Green aventurine is also used as an energetic support for other interventions like reiki or sound healing. Finally, it is said to boost vitality and improve healing.

Magical Uses

Green aventurine is one of my go-to recommendations for people who need to work on their heart chakra. The heart chakra is the powerhouse of your electromagnetic field. It connects you to love, your soul journey, intuition, the ability to forgive, empathize, and express compassion. A healthy heart chakra allows you to grieve a loss and move on from it. Finally, the heart chakra is a game-changer in all forms of transformation and change.

Work with green aventurine to:

  • Unblock your heart chakra.
  • Improve your ability to empathize.
  • Raise your vibration.

Resentment, attachment to a particular narrative, and generalized dissatisfaction suck the joy and power out of any energy work practitioner. Working with green aventurine can help you to let go of these limitations and refill yourself with power. Meditation with this macrocrystalline quartzite can reveal new angles to consider, closure, and a new path forward.

Work with green aventurine to :

  • Call new love into your heart by moving past bitterness and self-protection after the end of a relationship.
  • Release outmoded scripts and narratives from your internal monologue.
  • Invite transformation into your life by removing your limiting beliefs.

When working with elemental energies, green aventurine facilitates the combining of earth and water energies. Earth energy is stable, solid, and fertile. Water energy is adaptable, flexible, and also fertile. Green aventurine can help you to harness both of the elemental expressions of feminine energy.

Work with green aventurine to:

  • Pay homage to Divine Feminine energy.
  • Invoke both water and earth energy during spell work.
  • Empower thought-forms with elemental energy.

Negative energies and thought-forms can cling to you. Working with green aventurine can help you to let go of energy that doesn’t belong to you. Releasing outmoded energies and thought-forms creates space and opportunity for new possibilities to bloom in your life. Adding regular meditation with green aventurine can be an important part of your healthy energetic hygiene practice.

Work with green aventurine to:

  • Cleanse yourself and/or your space of negative energies.
  • Banish outmoded thought-forms.
  • Invite fresh possibilities into your life.

3D Considerations

Green aventurine is yet another form of quartz. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and it is another crypto-crystalline specimen. Its gorgeous green hue comes from tiny fuchsite inclusions and it is actually a rock.

The word aventurine is derived from the Italian a ventura which means by chance. Green aventurine is most commonly found in India but some specimens are also found in Chile, Russia, and Spain. 


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