lepidolite is often lavender in color

Lepidolite is a soothing friend to call on when life’s storms seem like too much. This member of the mica group is calming and centering, amplifying one’s inner steel and acting as a gentle catalyst for moving beyond victimhood.



  • Emotional healing
  • Letting go of stress and worry
  • Centering
  • Purification

Metaphysical Qualities

  • The shift from a physical perspective to a spiritual one
  • Serenity in the midst of chaos
  • Ritual purification

Emotional Healing

Lepidolite is one of the best allies you can have when your life has turned upside down. This beautiful purple silicate turns down the volume on the chaos of your surroundings and turns up the volume on your own inner peace and wisdom. It reminds you that this moment will pass and that your soul’s journey is so much bigger than this little lifetime, let alone this miserable moment.

Work with lepidolite to support you in hard times:

  • When someone you love dies.
  • If your current living situation is chaotic, hostile, or otherwise acutely uncomfortable.
  • If you lose a relationship you value.

Lepidolite can help you calm and center yourself when you are triggered. Old trauma can become active in your present when something happens to remind you of it. This can be debilitating and ruin your quality of life. Working with lepidolite can help you to ground yourself in the present and release that old fear, anger, or despair from your current reality.

Work with lepidolite to overcome triggers:

  • When you have flashbacks.
  • If you have nightmares. 
  • If your current relationships are suffering from the effects of old trauma.

Lepidolite helps you to let go of stress and worry. The world can be an incredibly scary place. There is always a lot that can go wrong, but feeding those possibilities your energy just makes them more likely to occur. Lepidolite helps you to stop misusing your imagination to feed energy to possibilities you do not desire. A frantic mind can not find solutions or silver linings.

Work with lepidolite to release stress and worry:

  • If you’ve become a prisoner of disturbing thoughts.
  • You can’t work on solutions because you keep cycling disempowering what-ifs.
  • You can’t seem to move on after a personal tragedy.

Lepidolite can help you find your center in high-pressure situations. So much can depend on a pitch, presentation, performance, or meeting. This can create paralyzing anxiety no matter how well prepared you are. Concentrating on lepidolite for a few minutes and keeping it in your auric field can really help you to find your center and bring your A-game.

Work with lepidolite to center yourself:

  • If you have test anxiety.
  • When engaging in public speaking.
  • If you have a high stakes meeting and/or presentation.


Mental Health Support

Lepidolite is incredible support for people with various mental health issues. It can be life-changing for those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and a number of other mental health diagnoses. The state of mental health care is pretty bad where I live. Try working with lepidolite to survive the ridiculously long wait for an intake appointment, during months-long appointment gaps, or while waiting for some facility to get a bed during a mental health crisis.

Magical Uses

Lepidolite can help you move your focus beyond the immediate physical reality and into a broader, more spiritual perspective. This can be very beneficial when trying to work with energy. Emotional energy is very powerful. Learning to be a steward of that energy and using it to power your intentions rather than simply reacting through subconscious programming is part of the foundational work of becoming a magic practitioner.

Work with lepidolite to open your perspective:

  • If you’re interested in being a healer.
  • If you are stepping into your power and accepting the responsibility of stewardship over your emotional energy.
  • Because you are experiencing cognitive dissonance as you try to integrate a new experience into your understanding.

As you allow yourself to become aware of energy, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. The more you perceive energy the more you are able to perceive energy. This loop of progressive understanding can feel like chaos. Focusing on that chaos can begin to wreak havoc on your life in pretty short order. Lepidolite can help you to find and hold onto your serenity in the midst of energetic chaos.

Work with lepidolite to center in the midst of chaos:

  • In order to hold onto your serenity in the chaos of becoming energetically aware.
  • When working with particularly chaotic energy like storm energy, for example.
  • When your physical reality is disrupting your ability to purposefully direct energy to your intention.

Many belief systems begin their spiritual devotions with a symbolic cleansing like Baptism, Wuḍū’, and Tevilah. Ritual purification which is found in the practices of the ancient Egyptians, various branches of Paganism, and Qigong. Adding lepidolite to your energy work can be beneficial in creating your own ritual purification. You must release what is no longer for you to take in what is now yours.

Work with lepidolite to support your ritual purification:

  • If you want to gently and gradually purify yourself for energy work.
  • By building a crystal grid including lepidolite to move negative energy out of a sacred space.
  • By using lepidolite to grid your bathtub for a few hours prior to a ritual cleansing of your body in preparation for energy work.

3D Considerations

Lepidolite is a member of the mica group of minerals. It is a lithium-bearing mineral. It is usually lilac or pink though rare specimens are yellow or colorless. It has a Mohs hardness of 2 to 3. The stone specimens that make acceptable cabochons or pocket stones are impregnated with quartz.


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