Prasiolite is a type of quartz that is widely known for its strong quality of amplification. Prasiolite has a rich green hue that connects and resonates with the heart chakra. 



  • Transformation
  • Syncing solar plexus, heart, and crown chakras
  • Grounding with the earth

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Prasiolite is a stone for bridging the energetic patterns of the higher and lower chakras together to manifest the desires of one’s higher-self on the physical plane.
  • Energy manipulators may use this stone to turn their green-ray energy into a conduit for the violet ray.
  • It assists in the process of light body activation.
  • Prasiolite syncs solar plexus, heart, and crown chakras and aligns them with one’s higher-self.

    Emotional Healing

    Prasiolite creates a connection between the spiritual and the mundane. This connection grants empathy and compassion for others by revealing the divine within them. Prasiolite is an incredible ally for those struggling with their own negativity and inescapable judgment of others.

    Work with prasiolite to move beyond being judgemental and negative:

    • If you find yourself unable to experience joy or you find fault in everything.
    • If you are in conflict all of the time.
    • When you are struggling to accept kindness.

    This is also an excellent stone for grounding with the earth and/or finding a balance between earthly concerns and those of the greater soul’s journey. It can ease fear and worry and allow you to connect with the present with appreciation.

    Work with prasiolite to ground:

    • If you feel scattered or chaotic.
    • If you suffer from panic attacks or generalized anxiety.
    • When you need to access stillness and calm.

    Prasiolite clears the solar plexus, heart and crown chakras of disharmonious energies. This can be an invaluable tool for those healing from trauma. Old painful scripts can get stuck in our heads and bodies and keep us stuck in pain and disempowerment.

    Work with prasiolite to break free of trauma:

    • If you have flashbacks or nightmares.
    • If you find yourself repeating in your head the terrible things abusers used to say to you.
    • When you are ready to snatch your power back and shine.

    Physical Healing

    When it comes to body layouts for physical healing, prasiolite supports the heart and/or digestive tract. Those struggling with the absorption of nutrients will find this stone an excellent supportive ally.

    Magickal Uses

    This stone has already undergone magickal transformation multiple times. It embodies transformation. Quartz is heated by the earth to become amethyst. Amethyst is heated to become citrine and heated even more to become prasiolite. Fire is the physical manifestation of the concept of magick or change.

    Work with prasiolite to manifest transformation:

    • If you feel stuck, trapped, or powerless over your life.
    • If you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
    • If you need a magical solution because normal means of achieving your goal have failed.

    This mineral is an excellent support for active magick. It retains the quartz’s ability to amplify and focus energy. It supports invocations and summonings. Traditionally it has been used for prosperity work and magic designed to increase abundance in one’s life.

    Work with prasiolite to support active magick:

    • If you are building a new thoughtform.
    • When you need to feed energy to a thoughtform or spell regularly.
    • In ritual and ceremony.

    Wearing or meditating with this stone increases creativity and helps one observe the synchronicities through which the universe communicates. Intuition and the development of your own divinity can bring your life to a brand new level.

    Work with prasiolite to enhance intuition and recognition of synchronicity:

    • If you take up any form of divination.
    • If you want to increase the frequency of synchronicity in your life or interpret your messages more accurately.
    • If you need to clarify your message from an oracle.

    Prasiolite is also deeply connected with the earth and nature spirits. Those seeking to commune with faeries or nature spirits will find this stone an invaluable ally.

    3D Considerations

    This stone has many names! This member of the quartz family is known as green amethyst, vermarine, lime citrine, green quartz, and of course, prasiolite. Prasiolite begins as purple amethyst but exposure to extreme heat (932 degrees Fahrenheit!) turns the stone green. Heat treating most amethysts results in yellow, orange, or brown stones but prasiolite requires an amethyst with a Fe2+ iron compound.

    This is not exactly a common occurrence and the vast majority of the stones available for purchase are mined in Brazil. While there are a few locations on the planet boasting natural prasiolite, the most available specimens have been heated in kilns and ovens.

    It’s worth noting that this type of mineral coloration (idiochromatic) is based on what the mineral itself is composed of, whereas allochromatic is based on impurity inclusions.

    Like all quartz, the prasiolite is a silicon dioxide crystal. Crystallography is a new addition to my studies so I’m only beginning to understand what terms like hexagonal crystal system or Bravais lattice might indicate. In eventuality, as this knowledge develops, I will relate crystals to numerology. In the meantime, prasiolite has a hardness of 7.

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