Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the mineral prototype of unconditional love. This soft pink, translucent form of quartz feels like acceptance, family, and kindness. It’s my favorite mineral to gift.



  • Love
  • Family
  • Community
  • Compassion and kindness
  • Unity

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Clears and activates the heart chakra
  • Remove outmoded thoughtforms and scripts from the emotional body
  • Shadow work support
  • Raise energetic vibration

    Emotional Healing

    Rose quartz radiates kindness and compassion. It is like a balm for the broken-hearted. It feels like tenderness and a safe place for emotional vulnerability. This can be an incredible comfort for loneliness, anxiety, or grief. Try adding rose quartz to your daily life to increase your access to unconditional love.

    Work with rose quartz to access kindness and compassion:

    • If you are struggling with feeling lonely and isolated.
    • When you are grieving a loved one or important relationship.
    • If you are doing the emotional labor of healing from trauma.

    Family is so important. Not all of us are blessed with a supportive biological family, but fortunately, we can always create a family of choice. Rose quartz feels like being in the bosom of a supportive and loving family. That kind of love and acceptance is invaluable in difficult times, bolsters your confidence to chase your unique dreams, and fills you with a deep sense of belonging.

    Work with rose quartz to access familial love:

    • If you are estranged from your biological family and have not yet found your family of choice.
    • If you are separated from your family by distance or circumstances beyond your control. 
    • If your family is unsupportive.

    Rose quartz inspires cooperation and work towards the good of everyone. Community is important for everyone. It engenders feelings of purpose, kinship, and inclusion. Sometimes you go through rough patches where you must shed your current community to make room in your life for a new community that more closely matches your current state of personal evolution. These times can be very difficult and isolating. Rose quartz can make these periods much more comfortable.

    Work with rose quartz to invoke feelings of community:

    • When you come out as non-typical in any way and must navigate the judgment of others.
    • If you move to a new geographic location.
    • If you are redefining yourself and seeking your new tribe.

    Almost no one thinks they are the bad guy. Everyone is the hero of their own story. Relating to others, especially those with vastly different perspectives than our own, can be challenging. Try working with rose quartz to improve your ability to consider the narratives of others without having your vision clouded by your own judgments and blind spots.

    Work with rose quartz to improve your ability to give love and acceptance:

    • When you are angry or at odds with your loved ones.
    • When seeking closure after the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship.
    • If you must collaborate with someone you find repugnant.

    Physical Healing

    Crystal healers claim that rose quartz helps with heart problems. Working with this form of quartz is said to help bring blood pressure into a normal range, promote healing of the heart muscle and blood vessels, and increase the likelihood of your body accepting any artificial valves in the heart. Try adding rose quartz to your life to support any recommendations by your cardiologist.

    Magical Uses

    The heart chakra gives you access to your highest purpose. It allows your physicality to embody your highest self. This type of knowledge is what you are actually following when you “follow your heart.” The heart chakra is blocked by grief and despair. Rose quartz clears and activates the heart chakra, helping you to let down the walls you’ve built up around yourself and let love back into your life.

    Work with rose quartz to clear and activate your heart chakra:

    • If you feel a weight or tightness in your chest.
    • If you find yourself stuck in despair.
    • When grief overwhelms you.

    Rose quartz can help you draw unconditional love into your life. Any ritual meant to bring something into your life can be modified to draw in love energy by adding rose quartz to it. Place rose quartz in every corner of your home to make your house feel like a loving retreat from the harshness of reality. Rose quartz also makes a great charger for any sigil pertaining to love.

    Work with rose quartz to access love magic:

    • If you need to transform your home into a loving retreat.
    • To draw love into your life.
    • If your love magic needs a boost.

    Shadow work is required of every person. If you do energy work, it is even more important to be in touch with your shadow. Your shadow is all of the parts of yourself that you reject. If you do not engage in shadow work you will project those pieces of yourself onto others and be blind to the harm you do to yourself and others. Rose quartz can help you to stay heart-centered and connected to love while doing shadow work. It helps you to love and accept yourself, flaws and all.

    Work with rose quartz to:

    • If you want to level up your life.
    • When you want to begin working with energy.
    • If you find yourself unable to do effective energy work.

    Rose quartz can help you to raise your vibration. Like Charoite, rose quartz can help you to achieve a higher frequency in the vibration of your very molecules. The higher your frequency the more energy you can push in your energy work. This can lead to far more effective casting and rituals. 

    Work with rose quartz to raise your vibration:

    • To maximize the efficacy of your rituals and spellcasting.
    • To escape low vibration emotions like fear, shame, guilt, or despair.
    • To escape a negative situation that seems inescapable, new solutions may present themselves when you vibrate at a higher frequency.

    3D Considerations

    Rose quartz is a massive form of quartz with inclusions of a pink form of dumortierite. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and a hexagonal crystal system. It is found in many parts of the world including the United States, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, and Madagascar.

    Rose quartz beads go all the way back to 7000 BC and ancient Romans used rose quartz to display ownership. This beautiful pink stone has been associated with love magic in many cultures around the world since antiquity.


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