Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is brown

Smokey quartz is an incredible ally for grounding yourself or clearing away negative or stagnant energy. It feels like wind and is a powerful earth element collaborator for energy workers. This member of the quartz family takes the bricks out of adulting.



  • Grounding
  • Concentration
  • Organization
  • Pragmatic lens

Metaphysical Qualities

  • Energetic protection
  • Manifestation support
  • Energetic cleansing

Emotional Healing

A mental health coping tool that is often recommended is grounding. In a mental health context, this refers to becoming present in your body in the present moment. This is helpful for those struggling with anxiety, PTSD, depersonalization, depression, and a host of other difficulties. People with serious mental health issues can really struggle to get grounded. Smokey quartz is probably one of the most helpful crystal allies for those unable to ground. Its energy can connect you to the present moment when fear of the future or pain from the past is overwhelming you.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Stay in the present moment and escape flashbacks or anxiety.
Become aware of your body and able to soothe yourself physically.
Move away from depersonalization and back towards empowerment.

So much of our modern world requires the ability to concentrate. Burn out, affection deficit disorder and too much screen time are just a few reasons why you might struggle to focus. Smokey quartz can help make it easier to keep your thoughts engaged with your workflow. This is an invaluable study ally, great support for those seeking solutions, and a lifesaver for the chronically exhausted.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Help you concentrate on your studies.
Overcome a tendency to leave projects half-finished.
Find creative solutions to overwhelming problems.

Disorganization can be absolutely crippling. It makes it difficult (or even impossible) to pay bills on time, be an effective student, create art, or decompress in your own home. Smokey quartz can help you to be more organized and create systems to support a decluttered mind, heart, and home. This can absolutely level up your career, peace of mind, and credit score.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Finally get a grip on your environment.
Take control of your schedule.
Create and stick to a budget.

Being pragmatic isn’t always easy. Especially if you are trying to navigate the world you are stuck with as you build the world you want to see. It can be really easy to get caught up in ideals and should be(s) and find yourself stuck and unable to figure out how to move forward again. If that resonates for you, try calling on smokey quartz. It can help you to fulfill your responsibilities and smooth logistical nightmares into manageable issues.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Balance whimsy and adventure with being practical and responsible.
Create achievable steps that move you towards your goals.
Take a step back when it feels like chaos is eating your life.

Physical Healing

Crystal healers claim that smokey quartz can help your body deal with exposure to radiation. It is said to relieve sunburn, soothe the symptoms of medical radiation treatments, and be a comfort to those suffering from radiation poisoning. Try calling on this ally to compliment medical treatment if you are suffering ill effects from any sort of radiation or electromagnetic energy exposure.

Magical Uses

Smokey Quartz redirects energy into the earth to be transformed. This makes it a great ally for protecting your own energy from all sorts of negativity, both internal and external. In a metaphysical context, grounding is becoming acutely aware of yourself and your energy as a part of earth’s energy. Allowing yourself to become present in this moment and send your awareness into the earth is healing, centering, and empowering. Smokey quartz can also protect your energy by easing the process of grounding for you.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Ground yourself easily at any time.
Protect yourself from negative energy.
Protect your space from negative energy.

Smokey quartz helps to allow entry into the physical reality from the ethereal plane. This is different from most crystals that help with manifestation, in that it is more of a gateway to energetic entities rather than a support for your creations. If you wish to frolic with faeries, experience contact with ghosts, or invite communication from your spirit guides, try working with smokey quartz.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Contact your spirit guides.
Invite faeries into your life. (LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU TRY IT!!!)
To facilitate communication if your space is inhabited by spirits.

Smokey quartz can help to keep your space clear of negative energy. It can be invaluable support when casting spells or holding rituals to protect the sacred space and keep your thoughts and feelings present-focused and positive. Be sure to regularly clear and charge your smokey quartz to help it be the most effective at this job.

Work with smokey quartz to:
Banish disempowering thoughts and feelings when casting or holding rituals.
Stay present during energy work even when it is scary or uncomfortable.
Keep malicious energetic entities from entering your sacred space.

3D Considerations

Smokey quartz is part of the quartz family. It has a hardness of 7 and a trigonal crystal system. Its color can range from pale tan to a rich chocolate brown. This beautiful crystal can be found in the US, Brazil, Switzerland, and Australia. Other forms of smokey quartz are more specific to their geographical region or coloration. Cairngorm is a variety of smoky quartz that is only found in Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains and Morion is black or an extremely dark brown smokey quartz.


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