Five is the free spirit of the single-digit numerals. Its most iconic characteristic is adaptability. Five dances through existence meeting life on Five’s own terms.


Unconventionally feminine
Fiercely independent
Critical thinking

The Energy of Five

Five feels like the “Too Much Woman.” It is fierce in its individuality and the protector of misfits. It will always follow its heart and without being quelled by fear of consequences. Five has no patience for rhetoric and will critically examine its own beliefs and the beliefs of everyone it encounters. 

Five learns and grows constantly. Five is intelligent and curious. It is always ready to explore something new. It can’t bear stagnation and will tear everything in its life apart to break free from feeling stuck. It needs adventure and social engagement to be in its power. Risk-taking comes easily to daring five.

Five is very present in the now. This makes it very powerful and exciting but also short-sighted and irresponsible. Five makes promises it can’t keep and flakes out on promises it could have kept. Five very often creates chaos.

The Message of Five

Five urges you to celebrate your individuality. If you have a choice between convention and blazing your own traill, Five will hand you the matches every time. Five cautions you against any decision that may compromise your freedom. When five shows up for you, it’s time to employ critical thinking.

Five says go on an adventure! Do things for the sheer joy of experiencing them. Five suggests following your curiosity and adapting your ideas as you learn more. Five encourages calculated risk-taking, reminding you that failure is the ultimate learning opportunity.

Finally, Five may show up to warn you about its personal downfall: addiction. Five encourages you to save yourself from drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction, or other destructive compulsive behaviors. It reminds you of your own intrinsic worth and birthright of adaptability. If you are living in active addiction and five shows up for you it is a sign that you are supported by the universe in breaking free of your addiction at this time. 

Affirmations to Align with the Message of Five

Five is amazing for your self-esteem. If you need to improve your confidence, five may be an incredible ally for you. Five is also great for improving your ability to stand up for yourself, overcome social anxiety, or take calculated risks.

Affirmations to try when noticing the numeral Five include:

  • I easily adapt to whatever life throws at me.
  • I value and protect my independence. 
  • I regularly re-evaluate and evolve my belief system.
  • I can thrive without chaos.

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