Four is the “do-bee” of numerals. Its focus is on accomplishing tasks and creating forward motion. Four gets stuff done!


Conservative and traditional
Strength and stability

The Energy of Four

Four is the “dad” numeral. It feels like a strong and dependable masculine presence. It is both a good provider and a judgy traditionalist. Four will help accomplish your goals but requires compliance with traditionalist dogma to access that help.

Four is dependable and punctual. It always shows up ready to work hard to get the goal accomplished. However, Four believes that we should continue to do things the way we always have and resists innovation. For Four, hard work and obedience to authority is enough to resolve any issue. 

Four can be rather boring. It is narrow-minded and unwilling to examine its own beliefs. Four is uptight personified and struggles to engage in meaningful conversation, preferring to just lob rhetoric rather than consider another perspective.

The Message of Four

Four most often shows up when it is time for action. It is a rallying cry for “Get it done!” If you are repetitively reoriented to Four, roll up your sleeves and get to work! You already know what you need to do, the plan is good and it is time to invest your labor into your goal.

Four may also show up when you are so focused on accomplishing a goal that you are not looking at the ramifications of your actions. Are you spewing rhetoric and refusing to listen? Perhaps Four has shown up to reveal that you are engaging in one of its most notorious downsides.

Finally, Four may show up to suggest that you examine your relationship with work. Have you become a workaholic? Are you so focused on the goodness of toiling that you’ve smothered out your ability to value relationships or even examine your own beliefs? Spend some time reflecting on your priorities and motivations.

Affirmations to Align with the Message of Four

Four can be an incredible source of motivation and tenacity. If you need to improve in the areas of dependability, punctuality, or productivity implanting Four in your subconscious can be a game-changer.

Affirmations to try when noticing the numeral Four include:

  • I can follow a plan through to its completion.
  • I accomplish my goals. 
  • I am strong and capable.
  • I open my mind and take in the ability to entertain new ideas.

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