Seven is on a spiritual quest for progressively greater Truth. It is the embodiment of seeking to understand something greater than yourself. Seven combines imagination and rationality in the pursuit of understanding.


Spiritual explorer
Arrogant know-it-all

The Energy of Seven

Seven feels like the pursuit of mystery and wonder. It is hunting deeper truths, spiritual resources and intellect brought together by the need to move beyond the illusions. Seven feels like a mystic and an academic in one package.

Seven has little patience with what is popular or mainstream. It could care less about money or relationships. It deplores gossip and drama, holding such mundane concerns (and those that concern themselves with them) in contempt. Seven tends to prefer its own company.

Seven is inwardly focused and preoccupied. Its quest for deeper levels of understanding takes up most of its focus. Seven is highly imaginative and also extremely analytical which means spending a lot of time engaged in its own internal world. 

Seven has a gift for seeing what others miss. It is brilliant and has an intrinsic understanding of art. Like Four, Seven works hard and often. But, Seven’s labors are mental and the fruit of that labor is wisdom.

Seven can be arrogant and a know-it-all. Out of power, seven can be insensitive and cruel. Although its own feelings are of paramount importance, it struggles to care about how it impacts others. It can be cynical, seeing the day to day concerns of its society as short-sighted at best and flat out dumb at worst.

The Message of Seven

Seven reminds you that we are living in a great mystery and urges you to use your imagination and critical thinking skills to form your own conclusions. Seven says “Never accept anything at face value.” If Seven shows up for you, it is highly likely that some situation in your life is not as it appears.

Seven prioritizes a rich inner life and a quest to unravel the enigma of existence. Seven says time spent in meditation, reflection, and study is invaluable. Seven can help you level up your life by opening your mind to possibilities you never even considered before. 

Seven can show up to encourage you to expand your knowledge base. If you are considering going back to school, changing your course of study, or just buying some nonfiction and Seven comes into your life, it is a very good time to follow your impulse to learn. Seven will appear in support of moving beyond your religious dogma and adding critical thinking to your spirituality.

Finally, Seven may appear to warn you that your preoccupation is hurting your loved ones. If you find yourself lashing out at others because of the limitations of their viewpoint and Seven shows up, you may be damaging your life. Evaluate how you would feel if your roles were reversed and someone treated you the way you are treating others. Adjust your behavior accordingly.

Affirmations to Align with the Message of Seven

Seven is a rational mystic. You can use this energy to break free of religious dogma that is no longer serving you, embark on a quest for understanding, or even unlock your ability to meditate. Work with Seven to embrace the great mystery.

Affirmations to try when noticing the numeral Seven include:

  • I am on a spiritual quest for a progressively greater understanding of my reality.
  • I am a critical thinker. 
  • I see beyond illusions.
  • I value others and balance my inner and outer worlds.

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