Ansuz is all about expression, creativity, and divine inspiration. It is said to be the rune of Odin, the Norse god of wisdom, words, death, and magic.


  • Inspiration
  • Enthusiasm
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Breath


  • You will receive divine inspiration.
  • This is a very good time to engage in creative pursuits.
  • Clear communication is required.
  • Breathwork is indicated.

Inverted in Divination

  • You may have misunderstood a situation or someone’s words.
  • You are not communicating clearly.
  • Explore why you are feeling unenthusiastic. 
  • You may struggle with creative endeavors at this time.


Ansuz is a divine message. There are various interpretations, with some rune experts claiming that the god indicated is Odin and others believe that Ansuz could be a message from any of the Aesir gods.  


Ansuz is the fourth rune in the first aett. It imparts wisdom and ushers in excellent communication.

Alignment with Ansuz feels like being in the flow. Many writers have described their creative process as divinely inspired, and that’s how this rune works. Successfully expressing yourself, most especially in areas that have been problematic for you in the past is a good indicator that you are aligned with Ansuz.

Ansuz reminds us to give heed to our own breath. Breathwork can unlock your spiritual practice and help you to see situations more clearly. It helps you to release stagnant energy and improve your zest for life.

Ansuz in Divination

If you cast runes and get Ansuz, examine your situation for opportunities to receive inspiration, say what you really mean, or finally understand another’s perspective. This rune heralds understanding, sometimes by finally being able to express yourself, and sometimes by interpreting information in a new way that deeps your understanding.

Sometimes Ansuz shows up to bring your attention to your breath. Your very existence is contingent upon your breath and yet most of us pay very little attention to our body’s inhalations and exhalations. Your muse or enthusiasm may be unlocked with breathwork.

Ansuz Affirmations

  • I read and listen to understand, not to respond.
  • I communicate clearly.
  • I invite divine inspiration.
  • I am filled with enthusiasm.

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