Raidho is movement personified. This rune might refer to travel, modes of transportation like cars, ships, or carts, or even movement within the self like personal growth.


  • Movement
  • Growth
  • Change
  • Journey
  • Vehicle
  • Cause and Effect


  • Expect change.
  • A journey is required.
  • Reevaluate your perspective, a change may be required.

Inverted in Divination

  • Fear of moving forward.
  • Running away from issues that must be faced.
  • Disruption in your natural flow. 
  • A crisis is gathering force and being ignored.


Raidho means ride or journey. It’s been associated with the wheel, the cart, and travel. During the time Elder Futhark was used, travel was a major undertaking. It was dangerous, very physically and mentally demanding, and incredibly unpredictable. 


Raidho is the fifth rune in the first aett. It indicates change and movement

When you are aligned with Raidho you move with the forces of the universe. You are in the flow. You can accept change with an open heart and curious nature. You see the growth opportunity inherent in every obstacle along your path.

Raidho nudges us along, reasserting the obvious truth that the only constant in our universe is change itself. Keep going, nothing lasts forever.

Raidho in Divination

If you cast runes and get Raidho, a change of some kind is indicated. This could be an actual trip you need to take, a relocation, or a change in perspective. This rune urges you to get moving.

Sometimes Raidho shows up to bring your attention to your own outmoded narratives or behavior. Personal growth often requires evaluation of your situation with special attention paid to cause and effect. How are you impacting your happiness and satisfaction? 

Raidho Affirmations

  • I embrace my journey and pay attention to the lessons sent my way.
  • I welcome change.
  • I grow as a person by considering new perspectives.
  • I am adaptable.

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