Thurisaz is both the things that go bump in the night and the weapons we use to fight against them. It is primarily a symbol of duality. The things we fight against are present in us too. Fear and anger breed fear and anger.


  • Reactionary
  • Defense
  • Conflict


  • Be prepared to be prepared, difficulty may lay ahead
  • A reaction is required

Inverted in Divination

  • Conformity may be called for
  • Stay under the radar for now
  • This is not the time to be reactionary; evaluate and respond instead


Thurisaz means thorn. This rune describes both the pain of thorns hidden amongst enticing beauty and the weapon a thorny branch becomes when danger is afoot. Either way, Thurisaz commands a reaction.  


Thurisaz is the third rune in the first aett. It urges you to consider reactionary forces. It is associated with giants and Thor’s protection of Asgard from those giants. 

When you are aligned with Thurisaz, you are prepared to be prepared. You realize that challenges are a normal part of life and an opportunity to understand yourself better. You can embrace a sense of urgency when challenged. You know life can be tough but that you are tough enough to face it. Thurisaz is associated with chaos and the ability to navigate that chaos.

Thurisaz reminds us that strife and conflict are bound to be a part of our experience. The place where we discover our strengths and talents is often in adversity. This rune also urges us to see both the differences and similarities in instances of duality. You are sometimes the giant and sometimes you are Thor protecting yourself and others from the giant.

Thurisaz in Divination

If you cast runes and get Thurisaz, you may need to react to a situation you have been avoiding. This rune often calls for urgency and/or accepting responsibility for your own safety, be that physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual safety. Do the hard work and be your best self.

Sometimes Thurisaz appears to show you that you are being reactionary or behaving like a giant (a destructive bully who is the enemy of the greatest good of all). Examine your own behavior and determine if you are missing critical information because you are being reactionary.

Thurisaz Affirmations

  • I am prepared to respond objectively.
  • I can appreciate duality.
  • I embrace a sense of urgency when required.
  • I am prepared to protect myself and my loved ones.

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