Uruz is the embodiment of wildness and freedom. When you are in alignment with this rune, you cannot be contained and you have embraced your individuality.



    • Courage
    • Tenacity
    • Freedom


    • Strength is needed
    • Mind your vitality
    • Individuality is called for
    • Step off the beaten path

    Inverted in Divination

    • Conformity may be called for
    • Stay under the radar for now


The historical roots of Uruz come from the symbolism of aurochs. Aurochs are now extinct, but they were a type of wild oxen that roamed the land long before cattle were domesticated. It is associated with valuing freedom over comfort. Wild Uruz has the willpower to carve out a place for itself in the world without regard for convention.

Uruz is not afraid to roll up its sleeves and physically create a new path. Resistance and disbelief do not slow it down. Uruz faces its fears, solves its own problems, and dances for its own glory.


Uruz is the second rune in the first aett. It may have been associated with Thor, the Norse god of lightning and thunder. He was a warrior and protector, arguably the most well-known of the Norse gods.

When you are aligned with Uruz, you value your freedom more than anything. You have the courage to face anything that might limit or contain you and overcome it. You know your spirit is indefatigable and blaze your own trail.

Uruz in Divination

If you cast runes and get Uruz, it is time to lean into your individuality. Call upon your courage and accept responsibility for creating the world you want to live in. It is worth it right now to make major waves and follow your heart. Refuse to sell yourself out and conform to ideals or situations that are not right for you.

Sometimes Uruz shows up to remind you of all you have overcome already. Take this time to pause and appreciate your own ability to overcome obstacles, keep going when you’re exhausted, and influence the world around you. Celebrate the wildness of your heart and the power that affords you.

Uruz Affirmations

  • I embrace my own wildness and relish my freedom.
  • I have the courage and tenacity to protect my freedom.
  • My spirit is strong enough to overcome any limitations.
  • I follow my heart.


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