Narrative Sorting

One of the most powerful forms of healing that I have experienced was a journey that began when I first became aware of the power of the stories I told myself. Those narratives were actually shaping my reality. As I began to analyze, sort, and rewrite my own narratives, I experienced a transformation in not only my view of the world around me, but also my capacity to learn, grow, and evolve. It was the beginning of my ability to perceive magic.

Toxic narratives come from many sources. Trauma. Society. Family. Media. But the lessons of neurolinguistics teach us that we have the power to choose the stories that inform our views. Some of them keep us locked in pain and suffering, hurting others, or numb to the effects of our actions. Others open us up to the healing powers of love, divinity, and empowerment.

Over the years I have worked with friends, family, and clients who have benefited greatly from learning to become more aware of the stories that are driving their lives, holding them back, and setting them free.

Narrative sorting is key to casting your own reality. I invite you to embark on this journey with me so that you can shed damaging narratives and replace them with those that enable you to achieve your dreams, heal from trauma, and become the best version of you.

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