Six is the love and family numeral. It is the embodiment of harmony and balance. Six is an invaluable ally for love warriors and community leaders.


Loving and caring
Destructive when out of power

The Energy of Six

Just as Four is the dad numeral, Six is the mom. Six wants to create an environment where everyone can thrive. Loving and taking care of others is incredibly rewarding for this numeral. Six feels like all of the warmth and comfort of a loving mother.

Six is a natural healer, teacher, and counselor. Its kindness and sympathetic nature engender trust and openness in others. It excels at bringing groups of people together and forging a bond between them. Without Six energy families and communities just drift apart.

Six is the most balanced and harmonious of all the single-digit numbers. It does have some small negative traits like a tendency to just follow the advice of trusted people rather than thinking for itself and a proclivity for being meddlesome. But, it is very rare for a Six to go very far wrong.

But, then, there is the out of power Six. This is probably the most dangerous of all the single-digit numerals. It is obsessive and seeks to lock down control of everyone and everything around it. It martyrs itself and blames others for it, using this as an excuse to be destructive and violent.

The Message of Six

Six reminds you of how incredible it feels to do for others. It urges you to Pay It Forward or participate in Random Acts of Kindness. If you are struggling with a tough decision and Six shows up for you, choose the kindest option.

Six prioritizes family first and community second. If you are seeing Six, examine how you have prioritized your family, tribe, and the greater community. Six reminds us of how important relationships are and encourages us to get together and to value one another.

Six can show up to warn you that you are being perceived as judgemental or meddlesome by someone you are trying to help. Sometimes love means letting people find their own way, even if you think that they are making a mistake. Consider if your attempt to help could be being perceived negatively or possibly even damaging the very person you are trying to help.

Lastly, Six could appear to warn you that you are dangerously out of power. If you find yourself in a victim narrative and Six shows up for you, be careful! It is a good idea to seek some sort of help untangling the narratives that make up your reality. You can try my narrative sorting service or seek help from a mental health professional, peer support specialist, or life coach.

Affirmations to Align with the Message of Six

Six excels at loving and caring for others, creating community, and bringing out the best in people. Try working with Six energy if you want to discover your tribe, improve your relationship with your family, or overcome issues in your community.

Affirmations to try when noticing the numeral Six include:

  • I excel at giving and receiving love.
  • I help people to see one another’s perspectives. 
  • I am in harmony with my life.
  • I can go with the flow. I am safe without controlling things.

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